Week 18 ends with 4 players with +7 and all won their POWs and the MNF pick.  Kliner69er had the closest to the total points and wins the Week 7 prize over Old School Bandits, Starrs and Barry Mcockiner.

JamieGSteelers at +23 wins the regular season title after coming out on top in a back and forth battle with Cool Turban who ends 2022 at +22.  The next 3 spots are determined by the tiebreakers (1st – POW total, 2nd – MNF total, 3rd – Week Won).  Old School Bandits at +20 and 13 POW wins edges Jamez1156 and The Burners who finished with 7 POW wins.  Jamez1156 ends up in 4th place with 12 MNF wins and The Burners ends up in 5th place with 7 MNF wins.

Rounding out the prize money winners is Dilly Dilly at +17 in 6th, Double Deuce at +14 in 7th and Pooooozar at +12 in 8th.  Congratulations to all prize winners.

The playoffs start next week.  #1 JamieGSteelers, #2 Cool Turban, #3 Old School Bandits and #4 Jamez1156 all have a BYE week and automatically end up in the Divisional Playoff round in 2 weeks.

Players who finished in 5th place – 20th place will participate in a 1 week contest where the top 4 scores advance to individual matchups against the top 4 in the Divisional Playoff Round.  The following players MUST HAVE THEIR PICKS ON PRIOR TO THE 1st KICKOFF ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 14th: #5 The Burners, #6 Dilly Dilly, #7 Double Deuce, #8 Pooooozar, #9 MIster Sam, #10 War Pigs, #11 Real Deal, #12 CGAutomall, #13 Bizarro Mister Sam, #14 Smeltdipper, #15 Air Jordan, #16 Chancestradamus, #17 Bitch Trubisky, #18 Zoom, #19 Hiwayman and #20 Belly Jelli.   The tiebreakers next week are:  POW, MNF (which will actually be on Monday for a playoff first) and lastly, the higher final regular season finish.

Final Regular Season Standings: