WEEK 3: Jamiegsteelers Ends it Early

Jamiegsteelers has clinched Week 3 after the 4pm games.

Jamiegsteelers at +16 has first overall followed by Crease King +14, Glen’s Hero at +13 and Zoom at +11.

It’s extremely sad the Bills Mafia can’t be part of this season.  After all these years with dismal results, it is a shame they can’t be there to be the deafening force they are.



The Super Bowl matchup is set, the picks are in, it’s time to start making the wings and nachos.

#2 Pooooozar- KC -1.5 POW, Under 53.5

#8 Steelerhawk- KC -1.5 POW, Over 53.5

Pooooozar wins with a total score under 53.5, Steelerhawk wins with the over.

Good luck!


Players must make one pick but can make both picks and must designate a POW. If both players make the exact same picks, the winner will be determined by the higher seed’s (Pooooozar’s) POW.

Picks are due by kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. Good luck!


Championship Sunday didn’t lead to any upsets on the field, but we did have one in MSP NFL. In the early game, #2 Pooooozar ended with +1 and advanced to the Super Bowl with Kansas City’s cover over #4 Air India who finished at -1.

In the other match up, #1 Blaze (at -3) fell to #8 Steelerhawk who finishes at -1 advances on the strength of San Francisco’s win over Green Bay.

The competition changes slightly for the Super Bowl. In order to make it a true competition, the Over/Under is added. The lines for the Super Bowl is San Francisco +1.5 vs. Kansas City and the Over/Under is 53.5. I have the normal pick sheet ready to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for the Over/Under but it does have the ability to have the total points. I will be adding a new post with a pick form for the Super Bowl. Players only have to pick one thing, the team or the Over/Under or they can choose both. If players have identical picks, the outcome will be based on the result of the higher seed’s (Pooooozar’s) POW. Good luck to both players.


Saturday, #1 Blaze and #2 Pooooozar advanced to the Conference Championship Round. The Packers victory and cover gave #4 Air India at +1 eliminated #5 Kliner at -1. In the other matchup, both #3 Papa Jose and #8 Steelerhawk finished with +1. Steelerhawk wins based on the POW tiebreaker, winning his with the Packers while Papa Jose lost his with the Seahawks.

Next Sunday’s matchups are:

#1 Blaze vs. #8 Steelerhawk

#2 Pooooozar vs. #4 Air India

The lines for the Conference Championship Round will be available momentarily.