Will.I.Am wins his second weekly prize with a +7 winning the Monday Bowl over Feldo.

Glen’s Hero continues to lead the overall standings with a +30.  Real Deal follows at +23, Rabbit is at +17 and Kliner is at +16.

There are 3 games this Thursday starting at 12:30.  As always, these games are optional.  Picks need to be made prior to kickoff of each game.  All picks are due by 1pm Sunday.


Tripper at +7 correctly picked the Rams and took the Monday Bowl and Week 7 prize over Rabbit at +5.

Rondone leads the tight race for the season title with +22 followed by Crease King at +21 and CGAutomall,  Real Deal and Glen’s Hero at +20.

Week 6: Logjam at Top

6 Players ended Week 6 at +5. 5 players all won their POW and MNF picks giving them all a share of credit for 1/5 of a week win used in end of season tiebreakers. Those players are MadMax, Pura Vida, Kliner, Mailman and Schuetzy. MadMax and Pura Vida correctly chose 48 as the points total for MNF (Arizona 38 Dallas 10) giving them half of a weekly prize apiece ($15 each). Feldo, also at +5 lost MNF taking him out of the running.

Glen’s Hero at +23 opens up a 5 point lead for the season title. Rondone and Crease King follow at +18. Mojo Toes, Real Deal and Jamiegsteelers are at +16.

Week 4 Points – Email Incorrect

All, the email you received this a.m. with your points was incorrect.   It went out prior to me entering the Falcons Packers score, thus it showed the score as 0-0 giving Atlanta the win.  Once I entered the final score. the points for the week and the standings are now correct.  Please check your scores.


Black Ceasar finishes the week with +8 taking home the Week 4 prize by one tiebreaker point over Crease King who splits credit for the week win. This is the second time this season Crease King lost the total points tiebreaker.

Crease King has the overall lead with a +24, followed by jamiegsteelers at +22, Glen’s Hero at +17 and both Blaze and CGAutomall are at +15.

Scores are way up this season. Last year after week 4, the leader was at +7.

WEEK 3: Jamiegsteelers Ends it Early

Jamiegsteelers has clinched Week 3 after the 4pm games.

Jamiegsteelers at +16 has first overall followed by Crease King +14, Glen’s Hero at +13 and Zoom at +11.

It’s extremely sad the Bills Mafia can’t be part of this season.  After all these years with dismal results, it is a shame they can’t be there to be the deafening force they are.