After a “Super” Wild Card Weekend that lived up to its name, 4 players advance to face the top 4 seeds next week in the Divisional Playoff Round. #15 Air Jordan with +3, #18 Zoom with +3, #5 The Burners with +2 and #6 Dilly Dilly with +2.
The matchups for the Divisional Playoff Round next weekend are:
#1 JamieGSteelers vs. #18 Zoom
#2 Cool Turban vs. #15 Air Jordan
#3 Old School Bandits vs. #6 Dilly Dilly
#4 Jamez1156 vs. #5 The Burners
The lines/pick sheets for the Divisional Playoff Round will be ready by Wednesday morning. Picks are due by the first kickoff on Saturday.
Here are everyone’s picks and results (for the 16 players who were participating this weekend):