Week 18 goes to Double Deuce as he finishes the week with +11 defeating Mad Max in the Sunday Bowl.  That was Double Deuce’s 1st weekly win of the season.

Micktastic had a historic season finishing with +50.  The amazing part is that he had a losing POW record going 8-9.   I need to go back into my database and see if +50 is a record, but it’s really close if it isn’t.   Micktastic takes home the biggest prize in MSP NFL history.  In a distant 2nd place is Old School Bandits at +33 followed by Air Jordan in 3rd at +32.

We had 3 players (Lions’ Year, Rondone and Jalen Hurts so Good) who ended at +30 so the tiebreakers come into play.   The first tiebreaker is total POW wins which both Lions’ Year and Rondone had 12 while Jalen Hurts So Good had 9 dropping Jalen Hurts So Good to 6th place.   The 2nd tiebreaker is Monday Night Football wins which Lions’ Year has 10 vs. Rondone’s 9 so Lions’ Year is 4th and Rondone finishes in 5th.

Rounding out the top 8 is Schuetzy in 7th place with +29 and Barry Mcockiner in 8th at +28.   The top 8 receive prizes as shown on the home page.

The Playoffs start next week.  #1 Micktastic, #2 Old School Bandits, #3 Air Jordan and #4 Lions’ Year get a bye week.   Seeds #5 – #20 will participate in a 1 week competition where the top 4 scores advancing to play individual match ups vs. the top 4 seeds.  The matchups in the 2nd round will be determined by each player’s seed.   The following players will participate in the Wild Card Weekend competition:  #5 Rondone, #6 Jalen Hurts So Good, #7 Schuetzy, #8 Barry Mcockiner, #9 Chark, #10 Pooooozar, #11 Chancestradamus, #12 Mister Sam, #13 The Burners, #14 Kliner69er, #15 Big_Rippas, #16 Will I Am, #17 Nateg5791, #18 Mailman, #19 Double Deuce, and #20 Greene Machine.    I will have the spreads for Super Wild Card Weekend out later today.

Trent Sherfield makes an amazing TD catch after Josh Allen beans a Miami linebacker with a pass leading Buffalo to their 4th consecutive AFC East Title.