Week 17 goes to Big Red with a +11 that moves her from out of playoff contention to 12th place.

Glen’s Hero ends the season in 1st overall with a +29 winning $700.  The Pickers came on strong the last few weeks and takes 2nd with +27 winning $300.  In 3rd is Rondone at +26 winning $200.  In 4th place is Barry Mcockiner at +19 winning $150.  These 4 players get a bye for the Wild Card Weekend and will be matched up with the top 4 finishers next week in individual matchups for the Divisional Playoff round.

Places 5th through 8th win $50 each.  5th place is Rabbit at +18. 6th is Mad Max who edges out 7th place Kliner based on POW records, both ending at +17.  Steelerhawk at +16 finishes in 8th edging out Real Deal based on POW records.

Next week will be the Wild Card Weekend playoff tournament for places 5 through 20.  The top 4 finishers next week will get matched up with the top 4 seeds (who receive a Bye next week).  Tiebreakers for next week will be POW won and then regular season finish.

Matchups for the Divisonal Round will be based on regular season finish with #1 Glen’s Hero taking on the lowest remaining seed, #2 the Pickers taking on the 2nd lowest remaining seed and so on.  Each round will be re-seeded based on regular season finish.

In addition to the top 8 players mentioned above, the following players will be participating in the playoffs:

#9 Real Deal (+16), #10 Tripper (+15), #11 Air Jordan (+14), #12 Big Red (13), #13 Schuetzy (+12), #14 Chark (+12), #15 Air India (+8), #16 Mister Sam (+8), #17 Pazzi (+7), #18 Dmacii (+7), #19 Mojo Toes (+3) and #20 Crease King (+3).

Congratulations to all of our winners!