Championship Sunday didn’t lead to any upsets on the field, but we did have one in MSP NFL. In the early game, #2 Pooooozar ended with +1 and advanced to the Super Bowl with Kansas City’s cover over #4 Air India who finished at -1.

In the other match up, #1 Blaze (at -3) fell to #8 Steelerhawk who finishes at -1 advances on the strength of San Francisco’s win over Green Bay.

The competition changes slightly for the Super Bowl. In order to make it a true competition, the Over/Under is added. The lines for the Super Bowl is San Francisco +1.5 vs. Kansas City and the Over/Under is 53.5. I have the normal pick sheet ready to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for the Over/Under but it does have the ability to have the total points. I will be adding a new post with a pick form for the Super Bowl. Players only have to pick one thing, the team or the Over/Under or they can choose both. If players have identical picks, the outcome will be based on the result of the higher seed’s (Pooooozar’s) POW. Good luck to both players.