Blaze Wins 2019 Title; Zoom Takes Week 17

Week 17 goes to Zoom with a +7. Crazy Canuck, also at +7, lost his POW thus the first tiebreaker.

Blaze wins the season title with a +28. 2nd place is Poooozar at +26. Papa Jose takes 3rd at +26 (losing the POW tiebreaker by 1). 4th is Air India at +25. All of the top 4 places have a bye week next week and will play individual match-ups during the divisional playoff round against the top 4 players from Wild Card Weekend.

The last 4 money positions are Kliner at +22, Belly Jelli at + 20. Longshot at +18 had the best POW record of the 3 +18 players and thus takes 7th. Steelerhawk at +18 edges Real Deal also a +18 based on the better MNF record as they had identical POW wins.

The 20th place score (+9) is the cut line for next week’s Wild Card Weekend competition. The following players will make their picks for next weekend’s games. The top 4 scores advance (tie goes by POW then higher seed) to face the top 4 finishers in the Divisional Playoff Round:
Kliner, Belly Jelli, Longshot, Steelerhawk, Real Deal, Starrs, Gold Chiefs, Double Deuce, Miss Texas, I am Savage, Gosh Darnold, Pazzi, TimGoBlue, Dilly Dilly, Hiwayman, Mailman.

Congrats to all post season participants.