After the Saturday games we have two players who moved on to the Conference Championship Round and two contests still to be decided.
#13 Leftyluke (-1) eliminates the top seed #1 Zoom (-3). Both players have identical picks for today.
#2 Bizarro Mister Sam (0) and #12 Crease King (+2) will be decided today. Bizarro’s strategy to only pick one game may backfire on him as Crease King will advance if the Chargers cover the spread. Crease King can also advance if New Orleans covers the spread. Bizarro needs both the Patriots and Eagles to cover in order to advance.
#3 Papa 26 (-2) and #6 Double Deuce (-2) will be decided today. Papa 26 being the higher seed needs either the Patriots or the Saints to cover to advance. Double Deuce needs both Chargers and Saints to advance.
#4 Chancestradamus (0) advances over #5 Big Dawg (-3) regardless of today’s results.