The 2018 Season Starts This Week!

There are only a few days left to register for MSP NFL 2018.  You can find the registration form on the right side of the page.  Once you register, you’ll be able to click on the “Users / Make Picks” link in the top menu to make picks, see who has made picks, check out the weekly and season standings.

I have been sending PayPal invoices (from 3BW Enterprises) to those who have registered.  The $60 for the season covers prizes ($50 per entry) and the web costs and development of our new database ($10 per entry).  Once we have covered our costs, all remaining cash after we cover the web costs will go for prizes.   As of the time of this post, we have 44 players and I expect several of our regular players who have yet to sign up to be joining us.   We already have reached our 23 year high in entries and expect us to reach over 50 for the first time.

Picks for Thursday are due before kickoff Thursday night.  All other picks are due by first kickoff on Sunday.  You can go to League Picks and see who has made their picks.  Picks will be revealed once we pass the cut off times.

Good luck this season.  I hope everyone enjoys the new website and a whole new MSP NFL.   We’ve come a long ways from faxes and snail mail.

Thursday Night Football

Nick Foles gets the start against the Falcons on Thursday Night

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