Hard to believe that this amazing 2019 season is almost over. It’s been 20 years since the Bills Mafia has had something to really believe in besides tailgating and body slamming dudes through flaming tables. I hate to see it end so soon but am definitely looking ahead to the post season.

The lines for Week 17 are ready and you can make picks using the normal process. I will get these little glitches like London games and Saturday games figured out for next season. The mandatory game in place of Monday Night Football is the San Fran/Seattle game.  You must pick that game and guess the point total.   The spread between 1st and 20th is 17 points and it’s conceivable that some of the current lower seeds can work their way up into a money position. Strategy is key, especially for the folks currently in prize positions.


The weekly winners through Week 16 have been paid and there is still on $30 prize up for grabs in Week 17. For those of you who use a mobile device to read this page, the sidebar on the right that you see on a PC may not be easily visible (it’s actually at the far bottom on mobile devices) so I will re-post the Season and Playoff Prizes here:

  • 1st Overall – $700
  • 2nd Overall – $300
  • 3rd Overall – $200
  • 4th Overall – $150
  • 5th – 8th Overall – $50 each
  • Super Bowl Winner – $400 + Free Entry in 2020
  • Super Bowl Runner Up – $200

There is a playoff tournament during the NFL playoffs. The top four seeds (1st through 4th overall) have a Bye during Wild Card Weekend. 5th through 20th overall will play in a one week competition. Anyone who has the same final score as the 20th position is eligible to participate in Wild Card Weekend. Right now, the “cut line” is +8 and will most likely change after Week 17.

The top 4 scores will advance to the next round to have individual match-ups with the top 4 seeds. The tiebreakers are as follows POW (win takes precedence over loss) and final seeding. YOU ONLY NEED TO PICK ONE GAME AND HAVE A POW. Of course, in the Wild Card Round, it would seem foolish to not pick all 4 games, but it is not mandatory.

Starting the weekend of the Divisional Playoffs, the 1st seed will take on the lowest remaining seed, the 2nd seed will take on the 2nd lowest remaining seed and so on. The winners continue on to the Conference Championships and then the winners of the Conference Championships advance to the Super Bowl. In the Super Bowl, Over/Under lines are added as well as the spread to make it a true competition.


Real Deal, SteelerHawk and “The Winner” ended the week with +7. Both Real Deal and SteelerHawk split credit for the week win as “The Winner” lost on the POW tiebreaker. The prize goes to Real Deal as he had the closest Monday Night Football total points.

Blaze has the lead for the season at +19, followed by Double Deuce and Air India at +15 and Kliner at +13.

WEEK 12: Steelerhawk Wins Back to Back Prizes

Steelerhawk, Black Ceasar and Big Dawg end Week 12 with +5 scores but Steelerhawk was only off the total by 1 point giving him his second straight weekly prize.

Kline at +15 and Papa Jose at +13 maintain the top two spots with Starrs, Blaze, Double Deuce and Air India at +12 are only separated by POW and MNF win tiebreakers.

Top 20 make the playoffs with the top 4 seeds getting byes for Wildcard Weekend. All others participate in a one week contest with the top 4 moving on to face the top 4 seeds in 1-on-1 contests. If there are ties for the 20th place, I will allow all players with that score to participate if their total scores are above zero.

There are 3 games Thursday, picks are due for those games at kickoff, all others due by kickoff Sunday.

Again, I apologize for the mistake on Sunday, forcing people to mail picks into me. I was attempting to eliminate the two-point late pick penalty. That is a holdover from back in the days when we had to do this manually. I want to reiterate there will that be a two-point late penalty so please ignore the warning. I will waive it before the week is over.