This quick tutorial should have you up and running:

  1. Type: http://msp-nfl.com into your browser’s address line
  2.  Click on “Users / Make Picks”

3. Enter the username you signed up with.  You should get an automatically generated email with your username and a temporary password.   I am setting them all to “password” from here on out.

4. Enter your password

5. Click “Login”

If you have a temporary password or a reset password, you’ll see this screen below.

6. Enter your temporary password

7. Enter a new password

8. Re-enter the new password

9. Click on “Save”

10.  You will be directed to “Season & Games”.  Select “Make your picks” to make your picks.

11. For each game you can either make a pick, change your pick or select “No Pick”.  “No Pick” is the default.  You must select at least 4 games including the last game on the list which is normally Monday Night Football.

12. You must designate one game as your Pick of the Week (POW)

13.  Everyone must pick Monday Night Football (or the last game of the week in Week 17)

14. For the tiebreaker, add your guess for the total points for both teams in the Monday Night Football game

15. Click on “Submit Picks”

16. You can check out the weeks picks, scores, standings etc from these screens