NCAA March Madness 2020 – Non-Bracket Challenge

Register for the 2020 Competition

Registration for this year’s competition is now open. As always, it’s $10 per entry and prizes are paid out for 1st (50%), 2nd (30%) and 3rd (20%) place finishers.

Rules / Scoring

  • Players must pick 10 teams, pick the tournament winner and total points in the Championship Game.
  • Teams are assigned points for each win based on their seeding (#1-#16) +4. For example, a team ranked #3 in their region gets 7 points for each win.
  • The first tiebreaker is correctly choosing the National Champions the second tiebreaker is the total points in Championship Game. All ties beyond that will lead to equal distribution of prizes for the tied players. For example if there is a two way tie for first both players get 40% of the total pot.

2019 Final Results

1st – Lippy, 2nd – Mark’s Madness, 3rd – Air Jordan

Round 4 Final – Michigan State Upsets Duke

Updated, Monday, April 1st, 9:40 PM

After Round 4, the top two spots have been decided as both Lippy (198 points) and Mark’s Madness (195 points) have locked up 1st and 2nd respectively as they both have all four teams left. Air Jordan 2 with 189 points has locked up 3rd with Auburn winning on Sunday.

Round 4 Sunday Morning Update

Updated, Sunday, March 31st, 10:02 AM

Good morning from Siesta Key, Florida. I apologize for the delay in updates.

Two teams have punched their tickets to the Final Four. Texas Tech and Virginia. Our top 3 in the pool are Lippy (183 points and all 6 teams remaining), Mark’s Madness (180 points and all 6 teams remaining) and Air Jordan 2 (174 points and 5 teams remaining). The top two spots are locked in. Jawz can bypass Air Jordan with Virginia winning the title and Auburn losing today.

Round 2 Final

Updated, Monday, March 25th, 12:26 AM

After Round 2, the Gibraltar Jordan’s own the top 3 spots. (fix?? uh no, I emailed the picks before the first game).. SpartyOn and SpartyOn 2.0 will most likely flame out as the number of teams remaining for both entries are much lower than other contenders such as Air Jordan 2, Lippy and Mark’s Madness.

We’ll see how it works out starting next Thursday.

Updated, Sunday, March 24th, 12:04 AM

Round 1 Update FINAL

Updated, Saturday, March 23rd, 12:15 AM

Round 1 is in the books and as usual, lots of surprises and #12’s over #5’s. Currently, the leader after Round 1 is SpartyOn who hit on 3 of his 4 #12 picks. His 93 points is followed closely by CreaseKing31 at 91 and SpartyOn 2.0 at 88. Dana Davidson who has been at the top of the standings the last two years is in 4th at 78 points but only has 6 teams remaining.

Looking at everyone’s picks, there seems to be a new trend where some players are confusing total points in the Championship Game with their zip codes.

Here are the current standings:

Prizes for the top 3 places (50% for first, 30% for 2nd and 20% for 3rd). We have 34 entries so the prize breakdown is:

1st – $170, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $70

Below are everyone’s picks. I will clean it up tonight after the games: