4 players have advanced to the Conference Championship Playoff Round.

#1 JamieGSteelers defeats #18 Zoom in the only matchup this weekend that ended in a tie at -1 each.  JamieGSteelers win both the MNF (Mandatory pick) tiebreaker and also the higher seed tiebreaker.

# 2 Cool Turban (-1) was eliminated by #15 Air Jordan (0).

#3 Old School Bandits (+4) has the highest score of the weekend eliminated #6 Dilly Dilly (+3) who had the 2nd highest score of the weekend.

#4 Jamez1156 (-1) eliminated #5 The Burners (-3).

Next week’s match ups in the Conference Championship are:

#1 JamieGSteelers vs. #15 Air Jordan and #3 Old School Bandits vs. #4 Jamez1156

This weekend’s picks and scores: