After yet another great Sunday of Playoff football, the Super Bowl is set as is the MSP NFL Super Bowl.   #2 CGAUTOMALL will face #4 DMACII in the Super Bowl.

Here are the results from the Conference Championship Round:

#2 CGAUTOMALL  (CIN-POW, LAR) at +1 defeats #21 Starrs (KC, LAR-POW) at -3.

#4 DMACII (CIN, LAR-POW) at -1 eliminates #12 Red Redderson (KC, LAR-POW) at -3.

Each winner today has won $200 and will be playing for another $200 in the Super Bowl.

The rules slightly change for the Super Bowl.  The total points will be used to choose the OVER/UNDER the total.  If both players have identical picks (side and OVER/UNDER), it is based on the higher seed’s POW (which by default is the side).  I will have the lines set later this week to make sure there is no major movement of the lines.  I will contact each participant individually.

And I want to end this post with a well-deserved congratulations to Matthew Stafford.