WEEK 12: Steelerhawk Wins Back to Back Prizes

Steelerhawk, Black Ceasar and Big Dawg end Week 12 with +5 scores but Steelerhawk was only off the total by 1 point giving him his second straight weekly prize.

Kline at +15 and Papa Jose at +13 maintain the top two spots with Starrs, Blaze, Double Deuce and Air India at +12 are only separated by POW and MNF win tiebreakers.

Top 20 make the playoffs with the top 4 seeds getting byes for Wildcard Weekend. All others participate in a one week contest with the top 4 moving on to face the top 4 seeds in 1-on-1 contests. If there are ties for the 20th place, I will allow all players with that score to participate if their total scores are above zero.

There are 3 games Thursday, picks are due for those games at kickoff, all others due by kickoff Sunday.

Again, I apologize for the mistake on Sunday, forcing people to mail picks into me. I was attempting to eliminate the two-point late pick penalty. That is a holdover from back in the days when we had to do this manually. I want to reiterate there will that be a two-point late penalty so please ignore the warning. I will waive it before the week is over.