Week 8: Gosh Darnold Takes 2nd Weekly Prize

Gosh Darnold defeats his “arch rival” Pura Vida in the Monday Bowl. Both players had +5 but Pura Vida lost Monday Night Football. It’s his 2nd win this season.

Blaze surges out to the season lead at +15, followed by Bizarro Mister Sam at +13, Papa Jose and Jilly Bean at +11 and Pazzi, Kliner and Double Deuce at +10.

IMPORTANT: There is a 9:30 am game on Sunday. The Texans and Jaguars kick off at 9:30 from London, England. If you turn your picks in after 9:30 am Sunday and that game is included, that pick will be eliminated. There is a glitch in the system that allows picks for that game after kickoff. I cannot tell what was picked thus, the action needs to happen. Hopefully, I can resolve this before Sunday.