The 23rd MSP NFL Super Bowl match-up is set. The top remaining seed, #2 Bizarro Mister Sam using his one-pick strategy slides past upstart #13 Leftyluke when the Rams beat the Saints in controversial finished. In the other match-up, the duplicate pick rule ended burning #3 Papa 26 as both players (#3 Papa 26 and #4 Chancestradamus lost their POW Kansas City). The duplicate pick rule allows the lower seed to advance if the higher seed’s POW loses.

The Super Bowl Match-Up is:

#2 Bizarro Mister Sam
#4 Chancestradamus

The Super Bowl uses both the sides with spread but also the over/under. Either pick can be the POW and only one pick needs to be made.

This ridiculous non-call cost Drew Brees and the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. When will the NFL start reviewing horrible non-calls?