2018 Prizes, Finances and Playoffs

With a record number of entries comes record prize payouts.  We had 56 people register, 2 players apparently dropped out leaving us with 54 players and 53 paid entries.  Last years Super Bowl Champion, Rosco, gets free entry.    Each $60 entry breaks down like this:  $50 for prizes and $10 for the website, web-hosting, etc.  In years past, I’d take whatever is left over after covering the web fees and throw into the prizes.  This year, with this brand new set up, we had to spend way more cash than normal.   With that being said, I’m keeping to my $50/$10 split and by the end of next season, I’ll be caught up.
Like I said before, I’m extending the payment deadline until next Thursday’s night game.  I have total faith that everyone will comply.  Thank you in advance!
When it comes to prizes, Mister Sam (our founder and co-Commissioner) and I both firmly believe that the regular season means everything.  The prizes and the playoff tie-breakers are heavily slanted to favor regular season performance.
I am sure all these words are giving some of you a headache so I’m going to get right to it.
2018 Season Finances
# of Paid entries: 53       Total Cash in: $3,180     Web Costs ($10/entry): $530
Total Prize Money: $2650
  • Weekly Winner Prizes (17 weeks x $30/week) = $510
  • 1st Overall – $700
  • 2nd Overall – $300
  • 3rd Overall – $200
  • 4th Overall – $150
  • 5th Overall – 8th Overall – $200
  • Super Bowl Winner – $400 + Free Entry in 2019
  • Super Bowl Runner Up – $200

(for you Math whizzes, I’m throwing in the extra $10 so don’t blow up my inbox telling me that I’m off by $10)

2018 Playoffs
In years past, we have followed the NFL Playoff format with the top 12 players making the playoffs with the top 4 getting a Bye week.  The playoffs had been individual 1 on 1 match ups.

This year, with the high number of entries, we are expanding the playoff field to 20 players.   Like I said above, we are weighing things heavily for the best regular season performances, and thus we are keeping the Bye Week for the Top 4 seeds.   Wild Card Weekend will be a one week 16 player competition.  The top 4 scores from Wild Card Weekend will move on to face the Top 4.  #1 will face the lowest seed, #2 will face the second lowest and so on.   

Thank you for participating and thank you for your patience as we move forward with our new web system!


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